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General/Preventive Dentistry

general and preventive dentistry

A Preventive Care Approach That Reduces Treatment Costs

Dr. Gedeon takes his patients’ dental needs to heart, and works hard to ensure that they can keep their smiles healthy for as long as possible. Part of the way he does this is providing comprehensive general and preventive care services that diagnose needs early, keeping treatment needs small, and helping avoid everyday problems that may arise due to patient risk factors.

Comprehensive Exams

Thoroughly examining all of the dental structures, function, and stability of existing restorations allows Dr. Gedeon to monitor and identify weaknesses and areas of decay while they are as small as possible, and the most affordable to treat. A one-on-one consultation with each patient helps identify their concerns, needs, and care expectations before any treatments are planned.


Regular dental cleanings help eliminate bacteria from the mouth that otherwise cause gum disease, bone loss, and tooth decay. We use Cavitron ultrasonic instruments that not only gently sweep tartar from the teeth, they also irrigate infectious bacteria out of the mouth. We recommend cleanings every 6 months for most patients.

Perio Therapy

Patients that suffer from active gum disease can have their scaling and root planing treatments performed here in our office. These deep cleanings remove the bacteria that cause gum infections and bone loss, allowing the healing process to occur and reverse the state of periodontal disease.

Fluoride Treatments

Every pediatric patient receives a fluoride treatment at his or her routine cleaning appointment. Professionally-administered fluoride can help eliminate sensitivity, remineralize weakened enamel, reduce the rates of tooth decay, and promote healthy tooth development.


Wearing a mouthguard can prevent wear in patients that suffer from bruxism, trauma and concussions in athletes, and reduce pain associated with TMJ disorders. Unlike over-the-counter guards, our custom-fitted mouthguards will stay securely in place and provide a comfortable fit that lets you forget you’re even wearing it.

Emergency Care

Patients of Dr. Gedeon can typically be worked into our schedule during normal office hours should they experience a dental emergency. If experiencing an emergency outside of our normal operating hours, patients can leave a message and one of our staff will be in contact with them as soon as possible.

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